Focus batteries are a pain.

Friends, what we are looking at is a 2012 (ish?) Focus that belongs to my girlfriend. A tire pressure sensor error had come over the dash, so I thought much like OBD 11 I could just reset the onboard and it would go away since there is actually no problem with the tires (I checked).

This didn’t work...but it sure was frustrating!!!

Removing the battery on this thing was a real pain. A pain not made better by my landlord coming home halfway through and wanting to park where I was parked forcing me to reconnect it and start again. That negative terminal is so far recessed in there.


Why ford? Why? Also why is there a plastic cover for the battery? Just to confuse people? This battery layout seems like it’s impossble to jump another car from. How are you gonna manage that with that terminal way back there? This is after I pulled the battery forward a bit but you still gotta reach way under the wiper arms. Booo.

Just for easy reference here is a full car pic of a similar car.

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