Planning on staying local in the Los Angeles area for the labor day weekend so the girlfriend and I decided we should go rent a Tesla. Something that she has always wanted to ride in and I’m sure it will be enjoyable to try something wildly different anyways. We had originally looked at Model S because ludicrous mode but all of the options on Turo seemed to require $500+ deposits and required insurance for being under 30. Or they were really far away and travel costs to get the car were just as obtrusive. This model 3 came out to around $230 for 2 days with 300 miles (versus $350+ and deposit). Plus I’ve rented another car from this owner before, so I’m confident it won’t be broken, dirty, or result in me being murdered.

What are our plans to do with the Tesla? Right now we are planning to go stargazing tonight at Mt Pinos. The tallest peak in Ventura County and supposedly a wonderful spot to see stars, especially since this weekend is a new moon. That glass roof might come in handy for that, should sitting outside be “too much nature” after a while lol.


 After that we will go on a drive at some point Sunday and probably some canyon carving on Monday to see how the Tesla does on the tight twisties.

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