Just bought a Quasicabin from Copart for the price of a Mediterranean vacation.

Front view- had to move all the cars around and dismantle the gate just to pull it in.

My father in law gave us a riverside property a few miles north from where we live. We planned on building a farm and cabin up there but it turns out it’s much easier to start a farm then to build a comfortable cabin with electric, plumbing, etc. So we usually either camp out there or drive two hours total both ways to tend to our plants. Lately I’ve been on a Copart tear and ran into this $4800 gem. It runs and drives perfectly, plus it’s remarkably clean for its age. After visualizing it on the property as my first step towards building a cabin, as it would be parked on the property 24/7 as my base of operations, I pulled the trigger.

Still not enough parking for all the cars, some had to go to the office

OMG, I couldn’t be happier. First of all I underestimated how fucking massive these things are, I had to dismantle part of my front gate in order to get it into drive way. It exceeded my dream for a comfortable base of operations until we build the cabin. Shit I might just use it as the cabin hahaha but I will definitely keep it on the property adjacent to the cabin once it’s completed so it can still be used. It’s amazing. I’m sorry I’m gushing guys, I’m having amazing luck with Copart the past few weeks, it’s blowing my mind. Now with this I can probably finish building my cabin by the end of the summer. Super excited and once again COPART RULESS!!!!????!!!!!????!!!!!

I realize it’s messy, I literally have owned it for less than 48 hours. We’re going update the interior with a flat screen TV, internet and an office essentially, besides the essentials like kitchen gear to grill up steaks and a freezer for I’ve cream. One step closer to my wife and I getting the dream cabin started. We might finish by Christmas depending on conditions and if I can secure enough building material.


But what do you guys think? Is Copart a good place to buy RVs and motorbikes? Or are they deathtraps waiting to happen lol

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