Just Came Back to Say Goodbye

^Found in an old folder, image not by me^

Hot damn it’s been a long time since I was on Oppo. Opposite end of the decade, more like. But it was a wonderful off-topic forum before Kinja, and became something of a breeding ground for talent after Kinjafication too.


I want to say lots of poignant things now, but other than thanking anyone who’s still here from many years ago for being awesome (and hell, YOU’RE awesome too, current reader) and pointing out that Jim Spanfeller is a senseless herb, I’m not really sure what I can say now, having been away so long. Besides, it’s about to get nuked to shit anyway.

But know that, at its core, this place was always cool and good in some way or other, in spite of bugs and other whatevers. I will miss it immediately, and am probably guilty of not realising how much it has meant to me before, until it’s about to disappear.


Anyway, should even one person be misguided enough to care, I now write full-time at Car Design News, have previously blogged my own blogs here (only some of which are actually good) and am on Twitter howling pointlessly into the void like everyone else on there. I was also on Google+ but, erm... yeah. That’s over too.


Happy trails, and keep it sideways.

Also, all the people behind shutting Oppo down can GTFAC.

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