Here we see two Camry’s attempt to fuse into the ultimate beige-mobile. On Saturday night I finally got a chance to set up my dash cam my girl got me for Christmas and just in time!

Excuse the image quality, it was misty out but not bad enough to have my wipers on so that’s why it’s a little blurry.


I was picking up my friend from Brooklyn and this happened on the way back. When I first showed my friend the dashcam he asked what I needed it for, after this happened he understood why I got it. No audio because the expletives were flying. Both people had plenty of time to make lane changes way before hand as I was behind the both of them for the last 5-10 minutes yet they both decided at the last minute, had they crashed into each other it would’ve been well deserved.

Also the black Camry should have STOPPED in the lines instead of blocking me from going just to jump back on the highway. I was always taught to A) Never do this if you miss your exit and B) If you stop on the lines you stay with your blinker on until it’s clear for you to go, you don’t just jump back in like nothing happened because you can easily be rear ended.