Just discovered Poppy...

Her name is Poppy and she’s a girl in her early 20s who makes music and.... videos like these:

At first you might think “oh great another pretty girl on the internet trying to be super cute and weird and look like a Barbie doll” but that’s just a facade of her persiflage. Clearly she’s satirizing American culture and its frivolous, shallow celebration of things like entertainment, pop culture, celebrities, and holidays.

Another large aspect of her scheme is criticizing how people use the internet and social media. Again, I talked about this a couple weeks ago... how people interpret the number of likes/upvotes/comments their photos get and amplify the meaning of these numbers, even going so far as attaching these artificial likes to their egos. She mocks selfie culture here

It’s great how she ends some of her videos with “please subscribe or comment or like. I love my fans.”

“After all of us are dead our content will last forever on the world wide web...”


Yes, an ominous aura emits from her persona that sucks in the viewer and almost hypnotizes him/her to see more of her stuff. This is done on purpose and she’s toying with things like clickbait and even movies/TV/games that say “make sure you tune in next time for x...” or “Don’t miss out on y...”

The way she says things like “I love you” or “Will you do anything I say” mimics the willingness of people to please or suck up to those they want to impress or feel connected to. This video above taps into the obsession of idolizing and looking up to celebrities.

And here Poppy pokes fun at the cultural fascination with nostalgia and going back to the past.


I think these are pretty clever ways to get her message across and the fact she’s so dedicated to her guise and uploads new content almost daily bolsters her satire. What do you think?

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