Just drove 3km without touching the throttle

Car frozen

So I just did one of the most typical Canadian things, drove to Tim Hortons to get a coffee in -25*C gusty snowy weather. Sadly just a 2x milk, not a double-double, I feel like I need a beer, a dart, and drop a few F-bombs and "buds" to make up for my coffee order insubordination.


Over night, like most places these past few days, we hit a cool -38*C, I parked in my semi-heated garage and everything was fine on start up this morn.
Been at work for 5 hours, parked outside @ -30, now -22, when I started the car it revved up to 4.5k. Not remember a time starting a car this cold I figured it was a typical ultra-cold start. I turned it off and back on, just to see, but the revs came down gradually and after a few minutes of idling I left.
I left the office and the brakes felt weak, figured the fluid was mush from the cold, but nope, throttle was frozen a bit I think.
I proceeded to drive 3km (including uphill) essentially without touching the throttle. Gradually went all the way to 5th gear (55km/hr) @2000rpm. It chugged jumping from 2nd to 3rd and back almost as if the T/C was tricking the car into shifting.

Went inside, got my coffee, came out, everything was back to normal.
Despite the cold I'm filing this one under my typical: MazdaFord Problems

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