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Just drove the '13 v 2015 WRX STI, much confused

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Okay so heres some backstory: I went and drove the 2015 STI at the dealership yesterday. My best friend bought a 2013 STI (Stock except for the sport exhaust, Limited, about 10k miles) about 4 months ago because he didn't really like the look of the new one. I told him the new one was supposedly better as far as chassis went but I couldn't say for sure cause I hadn't driven either.


Yesterday I decided to change that. I took it for a short test drive yesterday, didn't really get to spend as much time in it as I wanted to because the salesman had another customer waiting.

Convinced my friend this morning to go with me in his '13 so I could get a look at both of the cars side by side, as well as his input.


Just like yesterday I was really impressed with the '15 because it just seemed more composed than his in every way. Less turbo lag, Little to no body roll in the corners, the steering was direct and the chunky new steering wheel made it easy to point the car wherever you want and pick up feedback, also surprisingly easy to control throttle inputs even in Sport Sharp too. Interior felt more put together and had less cabin noise as well. Seemed pretty cut and dry, right?

Wrong, because then I stepped out of the '15 and into his '13 for the ride home.

It just felt way more powerful basically everywhere in the RPM range, literally pull you back into your seat whereas the '15 just felt like it was gathering speed relatively quickly. Now remember this 2013 is completely stock, limited trim, with the sports exhaust and ~10k miles vs the standard 2015 ~200 miles ('13 on 93 octane, don't know about the '15) Also noticed that the 2015 was never making more than 11 PSI of boost.


My question is why does the 2015 feel so much less powerful than the 2013 even though the former has the identical engine to the latter, only with better (read: Newer) turbos.

Is it because maybe the dealer didn't put premium fuel into it? Why didn't the boost go past 11psi in the '15 (my friend says he usually makes around 14 or 15 psi in his) Or does the fact that the '13 has had more time to break its engine in so its making the correct power? Or does the sports exhaust actually make the car feel that much more powerful?


-Me and him are just a bit confused about this because I think he is considering trading in and trading up because of the new chassis and while his still is very much a new car, but he was a bit off put by how much less powerful it felt. And once I got the chance to drive it I could really see what he meant, so hopefully one of you can tell me what it means

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