Just drove this around the block

Here are my thoughts.

It’s not an attractive car.

Something is making a bad noise, like bad wheel bearing noise, but it doesn’t feel sloppy so who knows.


No squeaks or rattles, feels as well put together as a Toyota of this age should.

It’s so freaking light. It feels shockingly light. It makes the Subaru feel like it weighs about 5000lbs, hell, it makes the 2015 Yaris I used to drive for work seem like a whale too.

Engine is adequate, totally fine for putting around town, transmission shifts a bit harshly but it’s a loaner car, so I’m sure it’s abused.

Seat was fine, I didn’t really notice anything good or bad, it was just there. Much better than the godawful seat in the 2015 Yaris.


That’s about it. Seemed like it could be fun to toss around, could be more fun with a manual.

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