Here are my thoughts.

Itā€™s not an attractive car.

Something is making a bad noise, like bad wheel bearing noise, but it doesnā€™t feel sloppy so who knows.

No squeaks or rattles, feels as well put together as a Toyota of this age should.

Itā€™s so freaking light. It feels shockingly light. It makes the Subaru feel like it weighs about 5000lbs, hell, it makes the 2015 Yaris I used to drive for work seem like a whale too.


Engine is adequate, totally fine for putting around town, transmission shifts a bit harshly but itā€™s a loaner car, so Iā€™m sure itā€™s abused.

Seat was fine, I didnā€™t really notice anything good or bad, it was just there. Much better than the godawful seat in the 2015 Yaris.


Thatā€™s about it. Seemed like it could be fun to toss around, could be more fun with a manual.