Just Earned a Oppo Merit Badge!

The “change the bulb in the center console” badge. It’s probably not as eventful as what you guys do, but as a green gearhead, the idea of tearing apart my car to change a small bulb seems crazy!

The car is a ‘07 Pontiac Grand Prix, and taking out the center console was actually pretty straightforward. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show you how to do it. The only issue I had was putting the console back in, since it ‘snaps’ into place and I had to put in back in ‘just right’. I also broke the back seat’s cup holder, but I followed directions and I’m pretty sure the plastic was just brittle.


The old, burnt out bulb.

The new bulb! Yes, I went with orange. I read that the white makes a pinkish color, but I’ve never seen it since I’ve owned the car half a year ago. The dashboard is lit in red, so I thought it would be cool to keep that theme. This is also, technically, is my first ‘custom’ non-stock change (it’s small, I know). So I thought that was pretty neat.


As you can see, it all lights up! I’m proud of myself, I tackled an unknown issue, and it turned out a-ok, :).

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