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Just Enough Truck

I’m back in Oklahoma to deal with the last of my mom’s estate which includes this little Nissan Hardbody. It’s been sitting for several months, so I took it out for some dinner. I came outside to find this.

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These two couldn’t be more different and still be called trucks.

The little truck has lots of little problems, but still runs and drives like a champ. The short list includes a broken speedometer (the needle fell off), debris in the a/c blower, the a/c has a leak and doesn’t cool, both window tracks need new felt so the windows go up and down without getting stuck, it desperately needs a new gasket around the windshield, the driver’s door lock needs to be adjusted so it can be locked/unlocked with the key, the dash pad needs to be replaced, it has hail damage, and it desperately needs to be repainted.


But it still runs and drives! It’s a neat little truck and I wish I could take it home, but there’s no room in our driveway for a fifth vehicle. I’ll be sad to see it go.

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