I’m not going to post any terrible spoilers or anything.

Since I’m off today, as soon as I got the kids to school, I threw on Season-2 of Formula-1: Drive to Survive on Netflix. I was a huge fan of the first season and really loved how they brought out so many of the great story-lines that happened in the midfield.


Unlike last season, the camera-crews had access to the entire field and of course the big-three, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull took up a good chunk of the episodes. But, with as much that happened with their teams, I wholeheartedly expected as much.

That said, this season was just as good as the first one. They really did a great job of hitting pretty much every notable story-line and every bit of drama from the 2019 season.  My only gripe was that my favorite driver had virtually zero air-time.

So, even if you are just a casual F1 fan and are looking from something to watch, I’d totally recommend it.

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