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Just Fixing Things

Well the Haas had an air leak when I left last night. Went to find it this morning.


That little black block with the two blue air lines is where the leak was.

I just tore that bastard out a few months ago for an air leak. The block had an air driven piston in it that locks the spindle for tool changes. It had hard lines going to it before that stress cracked from the all the tool changes. The bolts also loosened themselves up and screwed up the threads in the aluminum plate that it bolts to. It is now held in by 3 of 4 bolts and blue Loctite. I had to pull it today because the 30 year old o-rings inside decided to fail


I didn’t take any pictures of the piston sorry. It is all back together now and working better than ever. Hopefully this particular part is good for another 30 years

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