From the moment it was revealed-ummm, leaked, The Mercedes-AMG GT 4 door not-a-coupé always looked off, mainly because it didn’t look much like an AMG GT to me. My concerns were confirmed, when it was revealed that it’s basically the new rebranded CLS AMG with some AMG GT bumpers.

This is where you can make fun of my amateur Photoshop MS Paint skillz

So how does it compare with the actual car it’s trying to imitate?

Interestingly, the front ends aren’t even identical, the headlight shapes are very different.

Hmmm, no. The coupé has a very distinctive long bonnet, that’s just lost with the 2 door 4 door, with it’s overall more curvy stature. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one looks like a proper sports car, while the other one looks more like a regular coupé. Yeah the last gen E-class coupé was on the C-Class platform, but at least it looked like an E-Class.

Hmmmm, speaking of the C-Class.....



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