Just gave a look to the "RECOMMENDED". Ran away immediately.

BTW, in my browser the "RECOMMENDED" page is perfectly paged, with the footer at the end and the "Show more" button over it (same as I see in the FP of jalopnik). But in the "LATEST POSTS" view of Oppo, the paging is still garbled, with the footer in the middle of it and no "Show more" button visible.

Eventually, this is good because it makes clear that my IE8 is ok (if I can see at least one page as it should be), it confirms that the Kinkya's minions are at least lazy because they are not able (or willing) to format all the pages in the same way and eventually, they only care for the so called "RECOMMENDED" posts page, and the fuck with the real blog that should be the actual Oppo page. At least, this is how I see it and a birdie is telling that I'm not very far from truth. Whatever.