What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

...getting my driver’s side front wheel bearing replaced and the ball joint replaced there as well. Both the original parts after 145,000kms of faithful service.

The cost? $384.00 CAD......maybe I am crazy but that seems somewhat expensive? I’m not a mechanic, so maybe I am not understanding the amount of work involved, but isn’t it basically just unbolt a bunch of stuff, press out old bearing, press in new bearing? And the ball joint would be twist old joint off, twist new one on while they’re already in there with everything unbolted? (Simplified, obviously, but the gyst of it?)

I was quoted around $300 before I had the appointment so where did the extra $80 come from? It’s a small shop and the waiting area has an open doorway into the garage. My car was only one of two in there this afternoon and I really didn’t hear much going on (couldn’t see in from where I was sitting)....what gives Oppo, or does this sound about right? It’s not like 2009 Hyundai Accents are complicated...


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