I learned a couple of things, the first of which being that for once his current band doesn’t suck...

...except when they tried to cover Hysteria by Muse, the bassist couldn’t keep up. They needed Mechbass (above video)

Secondly, I need to get out more because I had a great time. I realized that I hadn’t talked to any girls my age in months, they’re pretty fun.

Which leads to point three...


...I met my best friend’s girlfriend, and she’s the coolest person ever... of all time. Dude is lucky.

Číslo čtyři, turn the damn music down. I’m 23 years old, but seriously, if the music causes discomfort it’s too loud. There were only 25-30 people there, it’s not as if the bodies were absorbing the sound.


Numero cinco, Four Hands Wheat Ale is garbage. Don’t drink it. I had a Schlafly Pale Ale before I went, it was much better.


Finally, I had to laugh at the reaction I got from everyone I met. Every time my friend introduced me to someone they went “oh, he’s the guy with the Masters degree you told me about”, which I found amusing. Apparently my friend brags on me more than I knew. Neat.