...no pics, had to go to class. On my bike riding across campus, Coming off a bike trail (comes out at a 4 way intersection), and crossing the street. Car completely ran a stop sign, turning left onto the street I was crossing. Bike is fucked, I'm in a bit of pain, and the asshole drove off. Got my bike to the bike rack, sitting in class now. What sucks is I have 30 minutes to get from my class, across campus to my car, and then to work โ€” where I'm stuck until 11:30 tonight, and it's too late to find someone to cover a closing shift.


UPDATE: Called work. Cool manager said he'd take the heat for me if the boss gets angry for me calling in last minute. Gonna head to campus PD after class, and see if they can find anything on video (though all of the cameras around here are mostly watching building entrances). Hopefully something comes of it.

UPDATE 2: Took the bus up to the student health center. After a bit of poking and prodding, they're giving me a free cab ride to the real hospital. Ugggh