“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
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Friends, it is a sad day for me today. I just sold my first car, an '03 Dodge Neon. Most of my friends and family will be glad I got rid of "that deathtrap", but I'm almost sad that I sold it...it was the car I learned to drive in. We've been through a lot, from me almost burning the clutch up when learning to do hill starts, to the brakes going out at 45mph during rush hour, to the front right wheel falling off in the middle of one of my city's busiest intersections, to regularly getting rear-ended (seriously, it got rear ended 4 times 2 years, at slow speeds though). The car had more scratches and dings than you could count, which was really a blessing in disguise, since I didn't have to worry about it getting more dings in the school parking lot.

The engine was as gutless as you can imagine. It *theoretically* had 132hp but it had lost quite a bit of power over the years...there was no difference in acceleration from when I barely even touched the pedal and when I mashed the accelerator pedal to the floor, it couldn't have had more than 80-90hp. And the transmission...ohhhh the transmission, sometimes, just randomly, the lever would pop out of gear, that was the car's way of saying "FUCK YOU, I DON'T WANNA GO INTO THAT GEAR, I DO WHAT I WANT TO!" And for the last year or so it sounded like it was going to tear itself apart or explode. It produced a horrible grating/grinding noise that I imagine can only be reproduced in hell. I'm really surprised that it lasted this long.

But what I'm probably the most surprised about, is that it never once was stolen, even though the lock on the drivers door was broken, and you could actually start the car without a key, e.g. a screwdriver... Another thing that *theoretically* worked was the A/C. It had an A/C control switch, but during the hot summer months that switch became more of a "Suggestion" switch. The car would only turn the A/C on if it really felt like it (which was almost never). Oh, and how could I forget about the suspension?!? That ride on that thing was so harsh, bumpy, noisy, and vibration-filled, that any speed above 50mph, the car felt like it was gonna go warp speed and/or tear itself apart.
I can't go on any longer...I'm tearing up.
...Oh wait, no I'm not. Farewell to that amazing piece of shit!

Coming soon to replace it tomorrow will be a MkIV Golf GTI. I can't wait!

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