Anyone who has dealt with a house, or a car, or a boat, with “just one little soft spot in the [whatever]” knows what that typically means. Just take what you think it will be to repair it, in terms of scope, and multiply by 10.

Our house isn’t even that old (1987) and generally very well built. But the previous owner apparently let water seep out of the shower and sit on the floor. Every time.

See how the shower curtain is outside the wall of the shower? That’s only because I’ve been working on it. PUT THAT INSIDE WHILE SHOWERING!

There’s “just one little spot” where the rot went all the way through.


At least I can store my tools in the shower, because we use the upstairs shower 99.9% of the time. The last one in this shower was one of our dogs, when she was throwing up and it was like, 0F outside and windy. Otherwise, she would have been outside.


We’re replacing the flooring in both bathrooms, and before doing that I said, I guess I finally have to figure out how bad that soft spot is. We almost never use this shower, so everything is very dry in there. That tells me it’s not an ongoing leak, but something caused by ignorance and carelessness in the past. But wow, man. This is why you pay attention to stuff like this.

But hey this gives me an excuse to buy an oscillating multitool, aka flush cut tool, aka a new toy!


Any recommendations on brands? I probably won’t buy the Bosch only because $$$. There are lots in the $100 range.

I’ll post some more pics when the hole gets even bigger, because I have to cut out a rectangle that hits two floor joists, so the hole will be a minimum 32" x 8" or so. I can’t wait to see my wife’s reaction when I make this hole even bigger. But she knows how this kind of thing goes.