Kidding... Well... only half... Because that Supra was BEAST!

I attend every ECM meet now that they have gone to a monthly, every second Sunday of the month at 7pm, event. I enjoy that it is usually an evening meet, so I get to sleep in on the Sunday. But, for this one that was not the case. Due to holiday hours at Nebraska Furniture Mart they moved the last two meets to 7am. I was actually up earlier than I would get up for Cars and Coffee... I cleaned and waxed the mustang the day before (and found so many paint chips it isn’t even funny...) and drove on down.


When I got there i was greeted by no line. The parkinglot looked barren compared to the evening meet. But luckily that did not mean no cars. Quite the conterary. I found plenty of cars I did not see at the event, and the sheer volume of R32's was staggering. Not too many vintage American cars, but that didn’t put a downer on the overall show experience. That Nova and that Camaro definitely scratched that itch.

My favorite? That Supra indeed... BRAAAAAAA Stu Stu Stu... That’s all that’s needed... You’ll understand when the supra drops... I can only imagine what that car does in a straight line with plenty of road!

What was your favorite? And for those that live near the colony and attend the show: December is 7am as well! Mark it down! Don’t forget!


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