Just How Big is the Mercedes CL?

The Mercedes CL is a big coupe. Everybody knows this. But just how big is the CL? Seemingly, deceptively large.

For those who don’t know, I recently acquired a CL63. A short time after that I happened to park it in my driveway, which just happened to also contain my S Class. It was at this point I realized; Damn, the CL is HUGE.


So I took some measurements, crunched some numbers (aka Google) and put together a size comparison list (by length) of Mercedes sedans as compared to the CL over the last three model generations, using the longest length for each model.

And here it is (all Lengths are in inches to the nearest 10th):

W222~~2015 - 2017~~~S Class Sedan~~~~206.5

W221~~2007 - 2014~~~S Class Sedan~~~~205.0

W220~~1999 - 2006 ~~S Class Sedan~~~~203.1

W216~~2007 - 2014~~~CL Class Coupe~~~201.0

W217~~2016 - 2017~~~ S Class Coupe~~~~197.9

W218~~2012 - 2017~~~CLS Class “Coupe”~196.7

W215~~1999 - 2001 ~~~CL Class Coupe~~~196.6

W213~~2017 - 2012~~~ E Class Sedan~~~~ 193.8

W219~ 2006 - 2011~~~ CLS Class “coupe”~193.6

W212~~2010 - 2016~~~E Class Sedan~~~~ 192.1

W211~~2002 - 2009 ~~ E Class Sedan~~~~ 191.0

W204~ 2007 - 2014~~~C Class Sedan~~~~ 186.1

W205~2015 - 2017 ~~~ C Class Sedan~~~~184.5

W203~ 2001 - 2007~~~C Class Sedan~~~~178.2

Whats not surprising here is that the model ranges go up in class as they should (C,E, CLS, CL, S).

What is surprising is...

The last of the CL (CL became S coupe in MY’16) is 5.5" shorter than the current S Sedan, 4" shorter than the prior model S Sedan, and 2.1" shorter than the early 2000's S Sedan,


The new S Coupe (successor to the CL) is actually shorter than the last CL by 3.1".

Besides the S Class Sedan, the current version CLS is the only 4 door car made by Mercedes that is longer than any variant of the CL, and only by a mere 0.1".


The largest CL is 7.2 inches longer than the longest E Class.

The current C Class is smaller than its predecessor.

The CLS is the only chassis code that goes backwards; W219 first, then W218..

You’re welcome for all this useless knowledge.

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