Just how in the hell do I do that?

I had just opened my wine and was getting ready to cook dinner when I realized I forgot peas. Not a big deal, I live half a mile from a whole paycheck, I’ll just go there real quick. That won’t give the M3 time to get warm, so I’m taking the 3. I remembered I never put the M3 on the battery tender, so I’ll get two birds stoned at once. Grab the keys to the M3, since it has the garage key on it and the spare key to the 3.

After I get the M3 on the tender, I walk over to the 3. I get in and start it up and up pops this warning:


Now one difference between my E9Xs is that the M3 has comfort access and the 328i does not. This means the keys are slightly different. The M3 key, on the left, has a place to put a battery in. The 3, on the right, does not.

I’ve changed the M3 key battery before, I’ve even got a spare battery in my apartment. Some quick googling it looks like it’s charged when it’s in the dash by electromagnetic induction, whatever the hell that is; I am by no means an electrical engineer, I barely passed physics II the summer before my fifth year.

Guess I might need to change up keys or something for a little and let my second key charge. 

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