So on Friday my nearly-10-year-old walked over to a friend’s house and showed back up later riding a bike. I tried teaching her a year ago but she quickly lost interest while still on training wheels. Apparently she wanted to learn now that all her friends are riding and she’s been borrowing bikes and teaching herself how to ride without informing us and actually gotten pretty good. So I peeked on CL quick for a decent kids bike that can grow with her for a little bit and found that one of our neighbors was selling this Hotrock. It’s a 2016 (I think) 24" wheel model with a 21-speed drivetrain. Frame and fork have disc mounts, the rear can handle a cassette with more gears, and the seatpost can still go about 5" higher so there is plenty of room to grow. I paid $250 ($249 actually and the seller was adamant about giving me $1 back from my $250 in cash) which is probably a little high considering there are a few battle scars. But that just means I won’t have to worry about dings from inevitable falls. Also it has essentially brand new tires and brake pads so it is ready to go for a while without worry. It’s the start of a new adventure. Now let’s see how long before I drag her off the street and on to the trails...


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