Just learned i missed something when replacing my E46 Driveshaft...

The damn screws holding the shaft to the diff. 4 little reverse torx screws...

Started having a noise / droning come back around 55-60, which was what happened before i replaced the shaft. It’s been super quiet the last few weeks, and this drone just came up.

So... did some research on forums, etc and apparently I wasn’t supposed to re-use these ZNS screws that are self-locking, so they’ve likely loosened a bit and are causing some vibrations.


Just ordered some new ones from FCPEuro, but I’m getting a bit stressed because I have to figure out a time to replace these before early Saturday morning when I have to drive my mom & fiance to Philly from NYC so she can go dress shopping.

My options are:

1. miss some work today & run up to a BMW dealership in midtown to get them ($$$, and time), and replace them this evening

2. Let me order be delivered from FCP, and take off some time Friday during the day to try to do it myself in my buddy’s driveway (NYC is going to be COLD Friday, missing work)

3. See if my local indie guy can do it for me, and I’ll just pay his rate OR

4. Wait till friday night, when it’s COLD and have a friend help / moral support.


All in all, I’m stressed out b/c of this timeline, so this is mostly a rant post. It’s my fault for not double checking the manual when doing the replacement. The car’s been running great otherwise, but I don’t want to destroy a driveshaft that I JUST put in the car and lost time is my biggest worry.

What would YOU do?

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