I’m keepin’ it clean, you know, fer da kidz. But I just came back from a mt. bike ride wherein I conquered a section of the trail, a short, but VERY steep and rocky/root laden section that I had previously considered not possible. It took me four tries and I drew blood on my knee (from my bike TIRE of all things) but man, it was satisfying. Then, I linked it up with another section that I didn’t make it up for several years before I finally figured it out about a year ago. Back to back. I may have yelled, by myself in the woods, a few words that would have quite confounded my kids. 

Of course, I was by myself in the woods, in near darkness so I have no evidence and I don’t even have a picture of the section in question. So instead, have a video of a man who would laugh at my trials and tribulations and go ride down the top of a chain link fence or something:

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