So, for the past 8 months where I live, I’ve parked in a particular spot in the driveway. I’d agreed with my roommates that it was kinda “my spot” as I’m always working on the car and my last car got replaced after someone hit it backing out of a driveway(long story). So naturally, I’m hella paranoid about leaving it on the street. The neighbors across the street had their car hit one evening as well, so it is something that’s actually a concern. Also, of all my roomates, I’m the only one with a particularly nice car that I care about, so keeping it off the “mean streets” is just something I’d like to do.

Back in November I also got a truck. Since I drive both vehicles, I park both of them in the driveway blocking myself in as it’s the most efficient way to use our available parking. This way I nor my roommates need to move others’ cars around to get out, and leaves the most spots open.

Sheneways, one roommate has started parking in “my spot” for no real reason. One day he blocked my truck in and I had to leave the Miata in the street. Then, when my friend started borrowing my truck as his MR2 is down for repairs he’s still parking in my spot. It’s incredibly frustrating as I need to do work and repairs, detailing, cleaning etc. on the car and that’s the spot by power and water. It wouldn’t normally be a problem, but his schedule is totally backwards and it’s spring break so his car never moves since he’s started doing this.


On one hand, I feel like an asshole being like “this is my spot”. On the other hand, I need to park in it for actual reasons, not just “I feel like I should park here”. Lastly, I’m out of town all the time, and when I’m gone anybody can use that spot. So, half the time I’m not even here.

Don’t mind me, just bitching.

*EDIT: Thanks for being an awesome group of people who offer both sympathy and constructive advice*

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