This was slightly different, in that they were doing a good job, I suppose, but doing it very slowly and charging an arm an a leg.

A lot of interest in setting themselves up to be rehired by keeping out the finishing line as farrrrr out as possible. And you guessed it: hourly.

Lots of talking. Lots and lots. Spending as much time saying how good they’re doing as actually, humm, DOING it. Hyperbole, but you understand. It is clear they had a set formula to work over people. Get chummy as possible. Then insert suggestions that involve me spending more money. Having been around the block, I had to cut my losses with this type.

The way they took the news seemed overly personal.. Sorry, it’s not in the budget to pay you indefinitely. Then began the bartering, haggling, dare I say whining? Talk, talk, talk. I said you were doing a great job, but I’m going to use the money you were hoping to get and wipe my ass with it. It would be more efficient. I left out that last part, obviously.


Even my wife made a comment that she felt the price didn’t match the product... It’s BAD when you can’t impress my wife, the nicest, non-confrontational, most sympathetic lady you’ll ever meet (bias reveal: she's also my wife).

Anyway, good help is hard to find as always.