I must say it’s a fine automobile. Took it on it’s first real road trip a few weeks ago, from Boone North Carolina to Atlanta for an interview. Got to take it around some twisty roads on my way out of and back into the mountains and it’s a blast. I got 42 mpg on my way down with not much regard to efficient driving, and 32 on the way back, and I was really giving it the beans (Atlanta traffic, driving through rural NC at night, and going up several thousand feet in elevation).


I will say I am not really pleased with the bumper to bumper warranty from VW. My Bluetooth audio only plays the right channel and apparently it’s the way it’s supposed to be (it’s not). I had them fire up another Jetta Sportwagen TDI to prove it, but that one was broken too. Oh well, just an excuse to get an upgraded head unit. Other than that issue though the car works great.

I’m definitly happy to be out of the Cummins, I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. It was loud, smelly, large, and worth way more to someone else than it was to me. It’s also nerve-racking to keep a 20 year old truck in perfect condition in perfect condition. I feel like the value was only going down with me driving it in the snow.


It may be pretty old but it’s properly modern. It’s nice but not too nice. All of the quality but none of the flash. Should be a good driver for at least 2 years when the warranty expires and then some hopefully.

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