What a coincidence. I met Porker and the owner of the Z06 last year, and I’m not one bit surprised.

I met him the day Porker got his new Huracan, and both treated me like a little poor pleb, they hardly acknowledged my existence. I was nothing to them, and I could barely talk cars with them. Hell, Porker took some people for a ride in the Lambo and you could hear it from however far away they were. Also who parks like that in a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot?

Drive the car harder than you should, treat the road like a track, and look what happens.

Not sorry for the driver, not sorry for the car, sorry for the passenger. I can comfortably say I have far too much to lose to ever do what he did and treat the road like a track. Seriously how does one not get a ticket from that??


Injuries heal, but I sure as hell hope this sobers them up and they learn something.