UPDATE: They approved the axle, end links, and alignment! Brakes are tires are still garbage but we’re making progress!

Getting your interior redone is not more important than replacing fubared mechanical components. Pics inside.

This is the interior in question. Just done. It’s a sport trim CLA250. The red is some faux carbon fiber weave crap that feels very plastic-y and squeaks when you move. Major downgrade even from MB Tex or the dinamica cloth stuff they put in these. The embroidered AMG logo is a bit rough and it’s not an AMG. Someone paid actual money to have this done (not by us, we don’t do this type of shit), and I can only assume it wasn’t cheap.

They did that instead of fixing this axle and broken sway bar end link. Both of which have been recommended to this customer multiple times previously. In what world is this ok? There is no grease left in this axle. The broken end link is bent. Considering the damage, there might very well be more that’s damaged, but we would need to fix these and then check the alignment.



To make matters even better, this car has 4 mismatched tires, two different sizes, all different tread depths. And the front brake rotors are so far below minimum spec that the lip on the edge is big enough I could use them as a bowl for breakfast cereal.