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Just saw a 2014 Mustang GT that caused me absolute rage.

So in late 2013 I bought a 2014 Mustang GT.

I had wanted a California Special with track package, those as the only options. The Vegas “Team Ford” dealership said you cannot order that combination and they sold me a car on the lot.

Here I am 3 years later and I see a california special with brembo brakes. I asked the owner if it was the track package, he said yes. I look it up and it turns out I see multiple used cars with these two options. On top of it he paid what I paid for my car.


I had previously owned a WRX. The “meme” of the town was that Vegas dealerships are shit and they all lie. I went to the Subaru dealer here and they tried to sell me the car at a high price and would not order me a car saying they “do not do that”. Since I knew people with subarus they told me to go to socal and buy one there. I did, got what I wanted at invoice.

This time I didn’t have such advice and looked at sites like truecar and USAA to get the price I wanted.

Lesson learned? Do more internet shopping outside of my region. The Subaru dealership experience in Ontario (cali) was vastly superior to the one at Ford in Vegas. The Ford guys were CONSTANTLY trying to sell me shit I didn’t want the entire time like snake oil salesmen. I spent house there refusing them. When I went down there for the WRX they tried to sell me at taking options OFF the car saying they were unnecessary for what I wanted to do with it and “aftermarket is cheaper” for things like exhaust. When I asked if they would void the warranty with mods they said they didn’t do that. They want return customers. Team Ford in Vegas did not.

The difference in salespeople was interesting as well. The person at Subaru was female and very friendly and soccer mom like I guess. The people at Ford, regardless of gender, were typical sales people. The guy who ended up taking care of my business there was like some 70s shady Italian dealership eh der guy who I had to constantly argue with to get what i wanted. Even flat out lying to me about certain option combinations. Looking back at that I should have just walked out however I had THOUGHT from what I saw that I got a good deal so was happy enough.


One of the differences when buying a car is the dealership netowork. Are they nice/cool/friendly who WANT to help you or are they assholes? That’s one thing that you need to look at when buying a car. A Mustang GT might be an amazing vehicle for the price but are the dealership people like this vs how the Subaru people were? Is that worth it? I have not made a return trip to the dealer fortunately so the impact here is minimum. Luckily the car has had 0 warranty repairs needed as well.

Don’t walk into a place with just USAA or Truecar prices. Go to forums and ask people what they got, or read posts about it, and read what the expected dealership experience is. I made this mistake and never will again.


edit: I should mention that the ONLY reason I believed this guy is that I went to the ford configuator on my phone when waiting there and I couldn’t select these two options together, so I thought he was telling the truth.

tl;dr - In 2013 walked in wanting a Track Package California Special Mustang GT. They told me Ford doesn’t offer that combination. Walked out with a car they had on their lot with options similar to what I wanted (aside C/S) for a decent price. Come 2016 I see a Track Package C/S car, I ask him about it. Owner says dealership lied.

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