Highly recommend it. My parents haven’t seen it yet and my friends didn’t really pay attention, so I need to talk about this movie somewhere. Some small spoilers after the jump.

In short, I thought it was fantastic. Not quite as good as Ultimatum, but significantly better than the first two in my opinion (don’t even get me started on Legacy). The action scenes were fantastic, especially the one in Greece during the protests. That was probably one of best movie scenes I’ve ever seen, hands down. The other major scenes in London and Vegas were great as well. I really liked the plot as a whole. The car chase through Las Vegas wasn’t great, but the fight afterwards was epic. Lots of camera shaking (still obviously a Bourne movie) and the dialogue was pretty poor, but the acting was spot on all around. I thought the final scene in DC was pretty bad though and should’ve just been removed altogether, and the beginning was pretty slow. However, the main part of the movie was unbelievable and totally made up for the poor ending. This movie was a decent ending away from being in my top 3 favorite movies ever. I’ll give it 8/10 overall, and you should definitely watch it.

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