Texas is now a one sticker state. Inspections go into the computer database and are checked to be current when you renew registration. So when I get home I’ll pay online to register and get a 10/17 sticker in the mail in a few days.

One week ago I took my Forester to a small garage for its state inspection. But their computers were down so they couldn’t do it. The guy who greeted me was bummed because he had never seen a 6MT Forester before and really wanted to drive it. I told him I’d bring it back next Saturday if he was working so that he could take it for a spin. I figured the tags were already expired anyway so no big deal. Came back today, and asked for him to do the inspection. His manager laughed and called him a dork but said OK. Waited until he was done doing an oil change on a 2013-ish V6 Camry. (Looked like these use a cartridge filter?) After he did the inspection he called me outside and said thanks for waiting and bringing it back so he could drive it and I don’t owe anything. The guy was about 20 years old and was excited to drive an oddball MT crossover. Feels good to see there is a next generation of enthusiasts out there. Also it’s great to see a little enthusiasm at the shop. I’ll be bringing my cars back there in the future I’m sure.