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Just signed up for my first Motorcycle Trackday!

The date is set! May 14-15 I’m taking the two-day Performance Riding Class at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course! Now I just need to get the last few pieces of gear together! WOOOO!!!!

I’ve done track days in my MR2, but I’ve been itching to take a bike to the track ever since I got my first motorcycle about 2 years ago! Now that I’ve had my SV650 for a year and put about 11,000 miles on it I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it so I’m looking forward to really improving my riding!

Last year’s trip to the Tail of the Dragon!

I’d like to upgrade the suspension on the SV, but I’m not sure if that will happen before the track day. I usually take the approach of getting my skills to surpass the limits of my vehicle before making upgrades. That said, I think I may be well past that point considering the woefully underdamped fork and shock. We’ll see, Stay tuned!

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