I think the heat is making people crazy. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and it was ripe with bad drivers. I had 2 near misses I recreated for you cause I felt like it.

FYI (Im the red car)


Driving down the road a car wanting to join the road pulls out into the middle, but just a little far. not far enough to hit them but far enough that many people moved out of the lane I was in just in case. I didn’t and just as I got to them they inched out far enough that I would likely hit them. They didn’t go, they just inched out. I swerved to miss and later as they eventually got into traffic they passed me and gave me one of those looks over the should and continuing for several seconds...a “yeah thats right and next time remember it!”



I was turning into a parking lot from an interlot road and someone coming out of McDonalds moved into the intersection AFTER i started turning and had been indicating...and just stopped. She had this look on her face like she had just parked. No concern. No “ooops”. Just. Well...here i am. I waited a good while before honking and they eventually moved.