A friend who is a full-time photographer earns a good living taking pictures of aircraft for auction. He says you never know what you’ll see squirreled away in people’s hangars. I guess it could be like the filled-to-eye-level storage unit so many of us have, but maybe just a few rungs higher on the income tax scale? (lol)

In this case...

If I’m not mistaken Mercedes-Benz built fewer than 2000 of the 300 SL Roadster alongside the 300 SL Gullwing from the mid-1950s to the the early 1960s. The purchase price was $10k-$11k (~$93k in 2016) back when you could buy a new 1957 Chevy Bel-Air for less than $3000.

Right now this is literally a $1m car, probably more like $1.5m from the beautiful looks of it. Sorry there aren’t any more pictures as he was there to photograph an airplane and didn’t want to creep the owner out by perving on his cars too much.


He said, “Under the black cover is a Alfa Romeo (Gotta be a 4C) and yes that’s a GT3 under the white. The previous day there was also a McClaren 650 of some sorts and a 4 door Aston Martin (Rapide). All the same owner. Under the last cover against the wall is a brand new yellow convertible Corvette of some sorts. Supposedly 1 of 3 like it in the state. And I forgot about the Ferrari that is not in the photo. It’s also new and I’m not sure what type but it appears to be front engine (I’m thinking Ferrari California T). Crazy amount of wealth... ...The sound of the Aston was fantastic in the hangar (Shivers at the thought). They had to move it so I could do my work.


43 miles on this car. That’s a crime.” I totally agree.