For those following the ongoing drama of the Prizm, it refuses to end. The latest round with my partner’s car was that it was throwing codes for a bad oxygen sensor, and last week it started eating #4 coils.

Put a new upper O2 sensor in it(cat & lower o2 sensor were replaced last weekend with used ones off the donor car), and replaced the plugs(the outside of #4 & its cylinder hole had on it a rusty powered residue). My suspicion is that when we hosed the engine off after install(to get the spilled coolant off it), I somehow got water on top and it leaked down into that spark plug hole. Then the dried water residue & rust was arcing and shorting out the coils.

Cleared the codes, and checked and the car went into closed loop operation like it is supposed to(wasn’t before with the bad o2 sensor). Drove it around for over an hour making multiple stops for errands, and driving both on surface streets & highway. It threw no codes, but did have a couple of instances of not having any power when throttle was applied early in the drive. These went away after a bit and I hoped they were the computer re-learning after the prior issues.

Today she left for work & got about 5 minutes down the highway before the check engine light lit up again. She’s going to have the code checked either on lunch or after work, but she is (understandably) done with the car and wants something else. She’s so tired of it she is thinking about leasing a car! I’m going to talk her out of that, because with a 2 year old, there is no way she won’t get screwed with charges for damages/interior mess at the end of the lease.

But god damn, this is the saga that refuses to end. Every problem it has shown has had a logical reason & repair, then it either does it again or finds a new problem.