Photo dump incoming!

2009 Ferrari F430 Scud, came from a collection apparently so it’s got low miles and is mint

2019 ZR1 w/20 miles on the odometer. It’s an auto, just warning before Oppo has a collective circle jerk. 


2015 Bentley “Get out of the way poor person” Flying Spur W12. 

2016 MB G63 AMG with a gorgeous brown leather interior. Yes, the windshield is tinted


2017 Audi R8 V10 that my boss recently bought


2016 M4 GTS that apprently is impossible to sell.

There’s a few other things such as a few Aston Martins, a lava orange 911 with a stick (just sold yesterday), that 04 GT3 that needs some love, a couple G550 squareds, and that 04 turbo cab that sold yesterday too. Oh we also bought two more R8’s, one is a V8 the other is a V10 with like 1950 miles on it, pretty sweet.