My Forte5 SX was purchased back in October. It’s a pearl white colour, and as much as I like it (especially when the daylight starts to fade the way the light reflects off the paint is nice) but now I see one annoying problem: orange spots.

They look like rust, but it’s not actually the car rusting since you can remove them with some elbow grease. However, I’m worried about what kind of solvent to use since using just water takes too long, and the car has a LOT of these orange spots.

Is there an easy way of removing these? I’m reluctant to use a rag and do it by hand because it’s the pothole season in Ottawa and the way they fill the potholes with loose asphalt is fucking retarded since little bits of black stuff are stuck to the car (unfortunately, this was after I had the car washed). I’m afraid that no matter how much I try to use the “clean” part of the rag, I’ll be pushing around these asphalt particles and scratching the paint even more.

If the only way is a rag and elbow grease, it’s likely I’ll just pay someone to get the car detailed, because I removed a few and it takes a long time.

White is nice but I don’t think I’ll ever get a white car again.