Just Take Me Here

That, Opponauts, is Interstate 40 in Eastern Tennessee. My grandparents live in Myrtle Beach from the winter until spring break starts happening, so my dad and I are going to visit them over winter break. Twisty parts of I40 are included in that journey. Some of the corners on that road are absurd. As far as interstates go, nothing I've driven beats it. Appalachian interstate can be a blast when there's not roadwork or shit weather. The last time we visited MB, we were in my mom's 05 CR-V. How I longed for a car that didn't understeer like a fucking barge on that road. This time around, we're taking the FR-S. Now the key to a successful trip is finding a weekend with low traffic and no snow...


That's gonna be tough, but road trips never suck so it should still be fun. Now I must try to get back to studying so the trip isn't filled with awkward "get your grades up son" pep-talks.

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