A ‘07 Base with 82k miles, with the unreasonable price of $7500. Don’t worry oppo, I’m not getting this guy, it had an uncomfortable amount of interior damage, but I test drove it anyways, to see if the prix was something I’d like. It was awkward. A good awkward.

Keep in mind for the past 5 years I’ve been DD a pt; a higher sitting, shorter vehicle with 150 hp max. The Grand Prix being a lower sitting, long vehicle, with 200 hp. The drive was a completely difference experience. There was no grace period between putting your foot on the gas, and moving forward. With the pt, it gradually got faster; with the prix, it was a gleeful kick forward.


The one weird thing is the windshield, it felt small to me, but it was probably it’s angle. But the size and feel of a vehicle is something that is acquired over time. I literally felt like I was driving a boat, because of the massive hood in front on me. Again, this is something you get used to other time.

I did enjoy it though, so I plan on keeping an eye out for a good Grand Prix deal, :).

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