Just test drove a Hyundai i30 N

It’s amazing. I’m conflicted.

Google image, because dark outside. The one I tested was red.

It’s an impressive car all around, and it blows the Golf GTI out of the water as far as performance and feel is concerned. The sound is addicting, the diff clinically effective and the engine rushes towards the redline like it hasn’t got a turbo. I really liked pretty much everything about it. And then I got into my MR2...


It’s quantifiably worse in almost all aspects, yet I wouldn’t trade it for the Hyundai. Getting in feels like putting on your favourite pair of shoes. Everything is in the right place. The connection with the car is direct, mechanical sympathy is required. It took two years, but I guess I’ve finally realised that my car has had what I’ve been looking for all along: character.

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