Some cars scream “cross country road trips, camping, fishing, and back road adventures” this is one of those cars. I would love to load my wife, kid, and siblings in law, and take a Rookie mountain road trip in this truck.

Its a 1971 3/4 ton Chevy Suburban. You can tell this was meant for some serious work. There’s more cargo room than passenger room, and still enough room to comfortable up seat 6 adults. And strangely only three passenger doors.

Barn doors!


It’s just so looooong


Here’s the ad. Dealer’s asking price is 16k. And I’ve never seen one of these so I’m guessing that price is fair. I’ve seen hundreds of sqare body Burbank, but this is the first I’ve seen of this body style.

Of coarse I say all of this knowing there’s a Diesel Ford Excursion just rotting in my FIL’s drive way just begging for a road trip. It really only needs minor work, but he has 3 other vehicles and now that his kids are grown he never needs 8 seats.