I found a rare thingy on Craigslist.

An actual 7th gen Accord Coupe 6+6. This is the only one I could find unfortunately, and the ad seems super sketchy. If I were to get one of these again (and I really want to), it would have to have the manual. Don’t want to live with another MAYA/BAYA time bomb.


The 7th gens with the manual were fitted with a red V6 badge instead of a black one. They cared about these when they built them. The concept for the 7th gen teased a sportier overall design. It was supposed to have fully-independent suspension, an updated J30 with more power, a manual with the V6, among other improvements over the 6th gen.

Damn thing was such a lovely, lovely machine. Still torn up over losing it. That subtle whining when you set off, how quickly it would gain revs under full throttle, the cam shift past 5000 RPM, the SOUND, the speed, it had it all. 0-60 in 6.5 seconds, sub-6 with the manual. I hit 110 in mine before backing off and it was buttery smooth the whole way, definitely could get to 140 or more. It could get 35 MPG on the highway without even trying, though city MPG was a little lacking.


Sorry for the tangent. It’s a cool car...

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