Just Truck Things

We need to fix a small washout in our driveway before it becomes big enough to swallow my wife’s Mini. I’ve got lots of landscaper friends with dump trucks, but I wouldn’t ask much of ANY contractor this week - first of all they’re already out straight. And then they want the long weekend I’m sure. But hey, I’ve got a truck! Off to the gravel pit!

That’s a yard of 1" ledge pack, $12.50 worth evidently. I had $25 and we need more, so I handed it to the guy and said “can I just come back for another load, maybe tomorrow?” He says, “Yeah fine. I’ll remember you no problem.” Yes, of course. I was probably the only person dressed like a J. Crew ad driving a lime yellow antique fire truck with a car seat. At least today.


Most importantly, the truck handled it fine! The rear is a bit lower of course, but not bad. It handled fine on the road at 50mph. It may be a bit of a struggle going up the mile-long hill to my house, but it’s a quiet road; I can always downshift. Worst case I’ll be in first, but it’ll climb that hill no problem one way or another. Then there’s the small matter of shoveling all that out. Oh yeah...

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