After about 10 years of work (in just 4.5 calendar years, lol), I’m leaving my job for something at a much larger company that will allow me to work from home. Not only will this cut down on my gas, tires, dry cleaning, etc, but it’s also a pretty nice raise and the chance to work on a team I can actually learn from — as opposed to being a one-man show for most of my current job. Plus it was a decent raise, over 15%.

When I say much larger employer, I’m going from a place that employs about 1,500 people in 5 states to one that employs almost 300,000 in 40+ states. And I’ll be going from a dysfunctional team of a few, to a very established team of 10+, all of who work from home offices and remote locations. That will definitely take some getting used to.

I’ll wait to see if the work computer block Jalopnik, but hopefully not. There’s always iphone!!