Trying to buy a 2010 Mercedes R Class (the Mercedes minivan-looking crossover). First day they told us they couldn’t take a deposit to hold the car. Called back today and they said they would hold it for a $500 deposit. So we go back, again, with all three monkeys in tow, again, arriving around 6pm with cash (a check and cashier’s check technically) in hand. At 8pm, after we’ve spent two hours doing paperwork, they hand us the binding arbitration. They told us they couldn’t still us the car if we didn’t sign it. I was (and am) not a happy camper. 845 we finally get the monkeys dinner (they had had snacks in the meantime), and get back around 930. Monkeys in tears because we didn’t get the car with the TV screens. Wife not happy because she didn’t get her car... Ugh.