Alternate title: “What is Symmetry”

Bonus light fixture safety hazard below. If only oppo had a resident Chandelier Inspector...

Lady called from Sammamish saying her house was massive and other window washing companies refused to do it. Well it’s certainly large compared to my condo, but for the area it’s actually fairly small at 5 bedrooms 4 bath. I have a hard time believing anyone would refuse... The home was easy and the clients were very courteous. Look at all that deck. Three stories and only 15 minutes worth of ladder work? That’s a cake walk.

I’m not a fan of the style, but it’s not the worst. Pretty inoffensive I guess, it’s like the architectural equivalent of a base Civic. The home is old by West Coast standards at 60 years. The separate garage though... Pretty cool. One single door, and one large double door on the bottom floor, with a guest apartment above. Easily enough room for 4 vehicles. Inside was an old Land Cruiser (the one commonly mistaken for an old Wrangler) and a CLA in a gorgeous bright blue.

My Ranger for scale.


There’s a neat track system set up in the ground from the rear boat garage to the lake. You can make it out in a few of the pictures. Because who wants to store their boat on the water when you can put it on a motorized cart and have it brought into your garage (not the car garage, a separate boat garage you plebe) at the push of a button? It’s pretty common on Lake Sammamish, but the first time I saw something like this I was quite impressed.

The author decided on “Fifty Shades of Grey” as a working title after spending a winter in Seattle


And finally, the chandelier. Hmm. Lukewarm design, positioned right next to a 4x6 ft skylight where natural light is in abundance, lights emulating candles... I’d give this a 4/10.

Wait a second...