My Miata has some gouges in the front bumper cover from the previous owner probably rear-ending someone gently. Went to the body shop for a quote to fix it... yikes.

Overhaul front bumper = $100 labor

Body labor = $125 labor

Refinish = $140 paint

Clear coat = $55

Basecoat reduction (aka prep sanding) = $25

Remove fog lights (wtf why?) = $20

Paint materials = $125

Total pre-tax = 590

what in the SHIT? Aside from the price these guys seem to want to do this the hardest possible way by removing the entire bumper and all components from it instead of just cutting a hole in some masking paper, skimming some bumper filler over the gouges, sanding, painting, then wet-sanding and clearing. Fuck that shit. Time to go buy some spray cans of factory touch-up paint since I already have a syringe of bumper filler.

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